Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pregquarium (TM)

photo ©2007 greg eans

Attention all pregnant ladies, formerly pregnant ladies, people with back problems, and folks who like to bob... Also, venture capitalists with stimulus money - lookie here.

I have an invention for you! Hey - before you try to steal this idea, please know, it is trademakrked, copywrited, and protected by swine flu-carrying porcupines.

Picture an incubator - you know, the kind with the rubber gloves attached. Now picture a dunk tank on wheels, or maybe with an electric device for moving it around a la Stephen Hawking.

Now imagine a big 'ole pregnant lady floating happily around with her arms through the gloves and her head above water. She can work at her computer, cook, chat on the phone, whatever! Back pain - banished! Swollen feet - gone!

And cause the tank is draped, you can wear whatever you like and still preserve your integrity!


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