Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I have a fb account, it's true. I have a few friends, update my status once every few months, and comment on my friend's kids' pics. Recently I got to looking at a friend's fb page. Let me clarify: I was stalking a colleague who just got fired and became mesmerized by his 450+ friends list.

Now that I have a basis for comparison, I can see I have made some assumptions.

  • My friends are all clothed in their fb pics, but that is not true of everyone
  • "Henny"is a very popular drink, and many people like to feature it in their pics
  • I do not have one female friend who has a pic of herself, back to the camera, looking alluringly (read drunkenly) over her shoulder at the photographer
  • Do you know anyone named "DJ" anything? Do you have any friends with "cash" "money" or "tooks" in their name? I don't.
  • Has this ever been your status update: "i hate when i pass out at a friends house...lol"
Now, I kid you not, this is swiped directly from the page of a stranger:


So true, oh pussy ass.


Fake Muppets = Fuppets.

Even Fuppets are looking for spiritual guidance...I found these outside St. Patrick's Cathedral. And what's in the bag? You don't want to know.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Magic Pot

MaryKatherine had a magic pot that did not boil water. According to her, though the pot appeared to be made of typical pot material (er...metal), it simply didn't conduct enough heat to boil water. I think it is because she watched it...you know.

But now she has a new pot... (watch through to the end - it's worth it.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 14th Should be a National Holiday

MaryKatherine's Birthday was a big one this year - somewhere between quinceanera and 90. Because MK loves The Office, Jazzergirl made her this:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Remember this post about "frooties"? Check out what they look like underneath the wrapper...hot pink sweetness! And they taste like an air freshener.

And remember my mom's cupcakes? Look what I found in their freezer...
That is my dad's handwriting, which means that she gave him explicit instructions to ensure that he properly wrap, label and place the...

yes, the mini linzer tarts. Two of them. And they were mini - the size of oreos. Why would they even be left over? I can just see it now, maybe they were leaving for a trip and she didn't want to take them, didn't want to eat them, and didn't want to throw them away. I can hear her barking, "Ramon! Hurry - wrap the 2 mini linzer tarts and get them in the freezer before we leave!!!"

And finally, something overcame my mom this past summer, maybe it was the chemo, but she went on a crusade. She read an article that spices should be kept in the freezer. She mailed me the article. Mailed. It. To. Me. I see her all the time, but she had to mail it to me. She also emailed it to me and handed me a paper copy. She talked about it, ruminated, brought it up in her book club. And she acted on it! A woman of action!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


from Tacos Mexicos. Do you think they are made with real froot?