Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Omnipresent Fowl

Big thanks to the mighty A-Mem, who risked life and limb to get this picture in France (doesn't rhyme with pants.) Clearly these awful birds have developed a sophisticated intranet with which to haunt me and my friends. Beware - no one is safe.

Stuck in traffic (with A-Mem, I might add) in Corona, and what do I feel boring in at me? (NO! not that!) The beady, persistant eyes of the proprieter of La Casa de Pollo. But we know, this isn't a pollo...its un gallo malo.
Finally - and I promise to make this the last rooster-related post - look what I found in the store

A dreaded, fearsome, r.o.o.s.t.e.r o.v.e.n.m.i.t.t.

1 comment:

heidi said...

is this from the 99 cent store on Roostervelt? I saw them & thought of you.... xoh