Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where Am I Going and Why am I in This Handbasket?

Almost every week in the laundromat the same 2 guys try to engage me in a discussion about my everlasting soul and my impending doom. How can they forget me and repeatedly approach? The very first time, before I figured out what they wanted, I answered honestly when they asked me, "¿Usted habla Espanol?" Now the conversation goes like this:

CrazyJesusMen: "¿Usted habla Espanol?"
Me: "no"
CrazyJesusMen: "OK, I speak English, too"
Me: "eh?"
CrazyJesusMen: "I. Speak. English. Have you thought about your eternal soul?"
Me: "Hubi frubends"
CrazyJesusMen: "Do you speak English?"
Me: "Youbu arba aba dubick"

Then they walk away. Who would have thought that Ubi Dubbi language from Zoom would come in this handy?


laurie begin said...

I found cake wreck and looked up oh so gross feet cakes and I laughed until I cried. you know how I feel about feet cakes.

earth said...

come on an' zoom, zoom, zooma, zoooooommmmmm...come on an' zooma, zooma, zooma, zoooooommmmmm