Friday, January 15, 2010

Soul Patch

I was out to lunch with my parents and their friends, I and P, who are closer to my age than my parents' age. They are nice folks.

My father has a goatee, or more specifically, what I think is referred to as a "Van Dyke." P has a mustache. My father had to explain to P the meaning of a "soul patch" (my dad has one in conjunction with his goatee.) Imagine my dad, 82 years old, explaining the benefits of a soul patch. In those exact terms. I'm just grateful he didn't call it a "landing strip."

By the way, my mom is now a lesbian and she propositioned the receptionist at the doctor's office. Really.


heidi said...

i can't go there, El. I just can't. :-)

Lori said...

I love when you share stories about your parents! I think you should write a book with all the material they give you! LOL