Wednesday, January 20, 2010


L recently told me that "tenacious" is his word of the moment. Which go me to thinking about tenacity, about persistence, about perseverance. Which brings me to my mom. Chemotherapy is brutal. She is hairless, her head leaks, her bones hurt. She is in the hands of doctors and scientists and radiologists. And every day she gets back up and sticks out her arm and accepts the poison that will eventually cure her. Probably. Multiply that times all the people in the world who are sick or down or oppressed who just keep standing back up. Astonishing. Its what karate prepares you for best, I think, getting back up. You don't always want to, but what's the alternative? Tap out?

My word of the moment..."mercy."

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the earthling said...

The word is TENACITY, not tenacious...the latter reminds me of jack black...