Saturday, March 28, 2009

Too Big to Fail

By Lisa Kahane from the NYT

How is that we can tolerate spending trillions - trillions, people - can you even wrap your head around that? of dollars bailing out banks and financial institutions because they are too big to fail. But we have easily tolerated the failure of neighborhoods, communities of people, the education of our children, and, of course, more. We were told that we couldn't, as a nation, afford universal health care that isn't tied to employment. That meaningful investment in affordable housing was out of our financial reach. We can't provide comprehensive mental health services for the mentally ill, including vets. You know I could go on. I hope you could go on, too.

Damn, give me a trillion - a billion - a million! dollars and I'll buy you some outcomes. Seriously. Get me Ke'Shawn Hill from Greyston, Karl Bertrand, the people at Brotherhood Sister Sol, and a billion dollars and we will change the world. Shit.


Ling Hu said...

I would come work for y'all for free...

heidi said...

I'm with ya. xoh