Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carrier Monkeys

I had quite the weekend: date w E-man on Friday night, Saturday spent with Heidi and Nach's varmints, then filming self defense demo for Channel 4 news, then dancing with Mouse 'til 5am.

So of course I am coming down with a nasty cold.

Me to MK: Blarg, I am getting sick. I probably caught it from one of your kids.
MK: My kids!? What about the carrier monkeys you spent your weekend with?
Me: Hmmm. I only made out with one of them.
MK (yelping): What? That's horrible! I meant Heidi's kids!
Me: In that case, I didn't make out with any of them. That's gross.


Mama Wass said...

Funniest. Moment. Ever.

heidi said...

Wait a sec... my kids were not sick! And YAY! You made out!