Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Nopal by Any Other Name

Mary Katherine, Jazzergirl, and I were in the bodega. Jazzergirl and I were discussing V-8 and mustard when...

Mary Katherine: "Ouch! I touched it bit me!"

Me: "What did you touch?"

MK: "This...."

Me: "Nopales? You're surprised you got stuck by nopales?"

MK: "What are they?" (As she's looking at the spines sticking out of her palm)

Me: "Uh....cactus...."

MK, showing us the spines: "I was going to take them out, but I wanted to show you."

It is important here to note that I am just a quirky city girl of average intelligence. I rely on MK to be smarter than me. Maybe it's an unfair burden, but apparently, that's her lot in life. Having said that, I am worried that she didn't recognize the cactus - it is so very...cactus-y.

It has been determined that Mary Katherine has PTSD, which explains a lot, but not everything. The rest of it can be explained in MK's own words, "I am cloudy in the head." I think she is insane in the membrane.

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Anonymous said...

We all have our moments.