Friday, November 26, 2010

"I will Kick You in the Slats" and Other Thanksgiving Highlights

Thank you, Wikipedia.

You know I don't like to use people's proper names here as a small measure of protecting privacy. I cherish my friends and wouldn't want them to feel exposed. So I will use the following anonymous nicknames for Marsha and Jay: Marsha and Jay.

Excerpts from my T-Giving:

Marsha: "You have no ideas how stressful my job is."
Marsha: "I have the most stressful job"
Marsha: "Why am I sick? I never get a break at my job. I work all the time and it is very stressful."
Marsha: "I am allergic to tree mold."

Do you need a tutorial about the swords of the Masons? Jay is ready to tell you.

My mother threatened to "kick me in the slats." I don't know where my slats are, and don't really want to find out.

The best part of Thanksgiving 2010?

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