Sunday, September 5, 2010

La Vida Continua

Thank you google images.

So how cool is it that I can get a call at 11-something to go out...and I do! I think my age is showing, though. I swear I lost some hearing in my right ear. A day of karate and a night of bachata and merengue - perfect.

The sad part of the night was watching a girl just get worn down by SeƱor Boracho until she finally made out with him. I wanted to intervene but my better judgment told me not to. Plus my Dominican Spanish is crap...I could say something but what if one of them answered? I would have to offer my standard, "como? mande? repete por favor? que?" Plus did I mention that I am now partially deaf?

Oh! Guess what? Not only are jelly beans sad, so are pistachios! Who knew?

1 comment:

heidi said...

Pistachios are happy... sunflower seeds are sad.