Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bye, Crackheads

In these last few weeks I have been tested on several life lessons that have taken me years to learn. I have passed. And although I told MaryKatherine that I took one step forward and 693 back, that actually isn't true. I took many steps forward and about 2 steps back but then I took a LEAP forward again.

When faced with any challenging situation, I try to remember Laurie's instructions: give thanks. So I have. And it works.

A new lesson I have learned: there are a bunch of things one can do to build confidence - to "fake it 'till you make it." Wearing my gi makes me feel confident, but it's off-putting to others, especially in the street. Did you know that great lipstick and a bit of swagger is like a magnet for interesting people? It is so easy to make conversation with all sorts of strangers when you have on NARS pigali and sit up strait!!! I got so much play on the subway last night! Usually only crackheads love me (and I love them, but they tend to be unreliable friends...) A girl and I watched a grape tomato roll around for a while and laughed together, I talked with some random boys, and an older woman (older than me, that is) winked at me knowingly.

Oh yeah, algo esta cambiando....

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