Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Day of Fresh Spring Air and Tuberculosis

On Sunday, Osito planned a really nice day for us. We went to the Bronx Botanical gardens. Because he is Osito the Resourceful, we got in for free. Don't ask and I won't tell. This pic below is a tree trunk.

Look how beautiful the waterfall is....

And the trees are blooming...

He needed to get his hairs cut so we went to the old nabe. I sat in the corner with a view of.
the sink. "Sink" is a generous categorization, as this had no running water. But there were gallon jugs available. Sorta.

I was actually scared for Osito's health and safety. See the mottled wall beneath the outlet in the pic below? That is mold.

The lovely man who cut his hair was, unfortunately, very, very sick and I felt awful for him.

I felt less awful for him when he used a strait razor that I watched him use on the guy before - no cleaning products required, apparently.

But Osito survived and looks beautiful. As always.

post script: at lunch, he ate tacos de cabeza - BRAINS!!!!!

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heidi said...

I love this kind of post... the whole day :-) xoh