Monday, March 15, 2010

Three of My Favorite People - and Right When I Need Them!

First, big ups to Mary Katherine! When I told her I lost my notebook she suggested that maybe I packed it. AND I DID! Found! [Insert happy dance here.] Ok, thanks also to St. Anthony (who, btw, works at the Department of Social Services.)

Osito and I went to The Bruised Apple book store yesterday. I've been feeling a little down, a little unsure. And look what I found!

Robbie visits me everywhere. And speaking of...

St. Anthony wrote a poem and gave me a copy. I can't say that is is about me or for me, but it kinda is. I've reveled and wallowed in it for the last two weeks. And this morning I realized that Pema Chodron would scold me a little. I've only seen this grief through my own eyes. The second time I read the poem I cried, not because I missed Robbie so much (though of course I do), but because I have become accustomed to this new relationship with him. Where, for example, he shows up at the Bruised Apple. Where will I find him next? Don't tell me - I want it to be a surprise!

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