Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Strangest Holiday Card Ever

Thanks, Google Images and "kitathena"

I received this greeting card from a lovely, sweet, competent individuals who provides me with professional services (think someone like your accountant or car mechanic.)

First, you see an animated tree, which seems to either have a heartbeat or is being shocked with a cattle prod. Then, beautiful images of single parents with their children flash across the screen. Is she telling me, "Hey, El, you missed the boat. See, even though you couldn't keep a relationship alive you could have been a happy single mom, but instead you'll have to become a crazy cat lady"? Or is she telling me, "Sorry, only fabulous parents will have a happy holiday"?

Whatever happened to sending out a card with a holiday dragon on it? Or an apocryphal depiction of the end of time? Something bright and uplifting like that?

1 comment:

heidi said...

What's wrong with being a crazy cat lady??? xxooh