Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Bye '09

This year I learned about babies being born (well, I knew about that before, but there was one significant, delicious new one), experienced on-time airline travel, I learned about the history of Philadelphia, saw some great art, spent real quality time with my parents, re-connected with old friends, visited the new Shea (I won't call it you-know-what), went to 2 amusement parks, saw WWE smackdown (again!), celebrated birthdays, mourned deaths, got a couch, learned about co-op buying in NYC, saw my brother, got amazing new staff, had some professional successes, saw a lot of movies, slept through even more movies than I saw, made people laugh, made people cry, started writing again, and on and on!

I learned about more about oncology than I ever wanted to know, walked away from an accident, and kept standing back up even when I needed help doing so.

2009 was a year of kindness and grace. Overwhelming kindness. From friends, colleagues, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, neighbors, and strangers. Its funny - who and what makes up your personal bedrock. People like MNH, HA-N, NC, DPS, I guess are kinda "expected" to be on the list. But REW and JG literally kept breath in my body. I would have given up without them.

"What good's a place to stand up, without a place to fall"

And here is a bit of the year in pics. I am leaving a lot out, part out of privacy, part because I don't actually own a camera.

2010, here I come!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well that made me cry...

heidi said...

love you el!!! Happy Gnu Ear! xoh