Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scary Monkey

Sorry about the quality of this pic. It is a...uh...sculpture? A nick-nack? A rendering of de-evolution? It is about the size of a small toaster and had a gold-colored title plate on it: "The Mirella Collection." Clearly, the being on the left is a furious monkey. The being on the right is also a monkey (according to Heidi), a girl monkey to be specific - you can see her voluptuous breasts. There were no parallel indications on the other one. Lefty is fishing - I couldn't capture the fish at the end of the line without compromising the view of her/his face.
So here's my question: who walks into this store (in Woodside) and says, in all sincerity, "I want that!" Oh...the same people who buy this. Ok, that makes sense.
By the way, in the display case directly underneath this object d' arte was a box of condoms. Party size.

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heidi said...

that store window can give you miles of bloggie-good pics!