Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Can you believe it? Si se puede. Si hicimos!
Today has me thinking about hope, about renewal, about change. About what a newly imagined future for this country could and will be.
It also has me thinking about Sarah Palin. I deeply disagree with so much of her political ideology, and with what [I think] is her personal outlook on the world. She spoke a lot about god's will in the election. Does this mean that god likes Barack Obama better? Does she believe that god had a hand in this outcome or does she believe that this is the work of the devil? If things don't go her way, generally, would that be attributed to the devil? How does she decide what is god's will and what isn't? That's a nice, easy coin to flip, isn't it?
It's all pretty exciting, isn't it? Let's hope this ushers in a new wave of political engagement for all Americans. Let's hold our leaders to a higher standard. Let's hope none of them get caught in some horrible illegal activity.....

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heidi said...

May peace & prosperity prevail, as B.O. presides over us all.