Thursday, October 23, 2008

Palin Pee Stick and Obamaween

Recently I caught a few moments of conversation with Dail, my workmate and like-minded political sounding board. We were discussing the assertion by the McCain/Palin ticket that all babies born as a result of unwanted pregnancies would be "taken care of". So here's an idea...

Do you know someone who is pregnant? Would she be willing to pee on a zillion preg tests and distribute the positive sticks so we could mail, en masse, said sticks to the offices of the M/P campaign? You know, we would include a little note:

"Dear Sarah and John: since you have so graciously offered to care for my unplanned baby, here is proof that in about 32 weeks you'll be getting a bundle of joy. Not my joy, of course, but yours!!!"

I'm not sure if its legal to mail a "diagnostic" through USPS, so check it out before you do it. Be creative - this is guerilla artfare, people!
And speaking of art - its almost Obamaween! What? According to Dail, on Halloween you are encouraged to engage in an act of creative Obama support - think sidewalk chalk, puppets, blogs, car adornment, subway singing...again, it's guerilla artfare, peeps!

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