Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Honeymoon Destination!

I love the Smithsonian. We love their tongue-in-cheek (o.m.g. I. am. so. funny.) display descriptions. Well, now everyone (at least in Mass and Cali) can take this fabulous vacation suggestion.

I stayed near Anacostia, which had (has?) a tough reputation. Just like places here in NY, it sure is gentrified....The new Nationals stadium looks nice from the outside.

Taking the Metro in DC, and then the subway in NYC a few hours later, really demonstrates just how dirty NYC is. Fewer people riding in DC, I suppose, I didn't check census figures. And I think the Metro stops running at some point on the overnight, but still - what a difference. Since much of my casual wardrobe involves a Mets logo, I had lots of great conversations about baseball with local Washingtonians. Not one conversation about the bailout, thank goodness, because it was, after all, a vacation. There were lots and lots of Obama in '08 signs - yea!


heidi said...

any cling-on's circling uranus?

Noell said...

I visited last year. It was super fun. They have really good smoothies there. "Strawberry Santorum"...Deee-lish!