Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Niche Marketing

Elder Avenue in the Bronx

Goat isn't popular in the culture in which I was raised, (however, gefilte fish is revered - equally appealling - or repellant). As life-long vegetarian, I haven't developed much goat knowledge. So when I saw this sign, my first thought was of Georgia O'Keefe. My second thought was, "well, where's the rest of the thing?" Finally, I thought, "that bug squished in the window definitely makes me want to buy my goat head elsewhere."

Goat story: My friend Ivan was fascinated by my neighborhood, especially because I told him that we have lots of deer here. "Tenemos chibas aqui. Hay muchas chibas aqui!" He replied, "tienes chibas? Tus vecinos las comen?" Do my neighbors eat them? "No creo que. Es posible, pero, no." They could, I suppose, but no, I don't think so. Really, they are like quiet stray dogs who eat all the flowers.

The next day I went over the converation in my head....tenemos......chibas? No wonder
he asked if we eat the.....goats.
iAy venado!


heidi said...

maybe the goat is alive, & performing in the back of the store, as the sign states?

belledame222 said...

There was a play I remember reading for consideration at the theatre I was working in the lit manager's office, called 'I Can't Eat Goat Head/Alicia in Wonder Tierra." can't remember the author off the top...