Friday, August 8, 2008

The Women I Love Part L

Let's talk Laurie. Laurie is the smartest, nicest, bestest, funniest friend. One morning - and by morning I mean 5am - I called Laurie as my broken heart was leaking out, leaving crushed glass and gravel in its place. "Get on your knees and say thank you. This is the greatest gift you ever got, you just don't know it." And I did. Weeping, snotting, and desperate I thanked the universe. "Now come pick me up." We drove to the ashram and she spend 8 hours by my side as I chanted away all the ick. Laurie is a girl's girl.

Favorite Laurie story: we were on the phone one night and I hear her as she calls out to her youngest daughter, Sarah, "no, no, no honey, don't put that in your mouth. Mommy dissected a cat with that."

I love Laurie.


heidi said...

but did she buy the underwear???

Elena said...

That was actually a *bathing suit*!