Friday, November 9, 2012

He Loved Show Tunes

I started dating someone in May.  What should we call him?  What's that? Tommy? OK! 
The first time he met my dad was at my mom's funeral, and then he came to a "we're not sitting shiva" call.  I should have known right then and there when my dad said,
"That Tommy seems like a nice guy; does he have a boyfriend?"
Ack! Yes! Me!
We dated for a bit and we had so much fun.  On 4th of July he came with me to Heidi's and was great with the kids.  Fast forward, we stopped dating because, well, you know...
So I was hanging with Heidi's varmits recently and Thing A asked about Tommy.  I told her that we weren't dating anymore.  This is what she said...
"Wow, you can't keep a man."
I told her that some men aren't worth keeping, but still, it made me laugh!

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heidi said...

What Ray said!!!!!