Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Email From a Potential Date

Hey Elena,

How are you? I think you are really cute. Let's go out sometime, we could do something really fun. I have a mango in my pants.

-Mr. X

Really? Seriously? Wha?


Anonymous said...

A mango? You know a ripe mango should be very very soft. Just saying.

Elena said...

EXACTLY! I am supposed to have a mango in MY pants. You are supposed to have a plantain in YOUR pants.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully not an overripe plantain.

heidi said...

I dunno, I like mango more than plantain. Proves that there's a fruit for every pants.

Anonymous said...

Mangos that are soft are good to eat as long as you know how to eat them !wink! If u knw wht i mean