Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Little Silver Sour Cherry Kitty

Osito and I visited my childhood friend L and his lovely wife R in their beautiful home. They were so gracious and interesting, and fed us so much good food! And they have a Hello Kitty toaster that burns an imprint of HK right onto your bread!!!

And so here is my gratitude for the day: I am so very thankful to the universe (via fb) that brought me back around to L. He is a good, kind, generous soul and I am blessed to know him.

But why did it take so much longer to get there than it did to get home? Oh...that sleeping in the car thing again. Got it.


heidi said...

Are you torturing me on purpose?
p.s...I bet L doesn't have the Hk cordless.

Anonymous said...

L said to tell you that the candle he was holding next to Your SuperNovaness, uh, melted, to say the least (his words, not mine...)

L and R think you're the bee's knees!

A messenger