Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stop Hurting Your F*cking Kids!

Today jury selection begins in the murder trial of Nixzmary Brown. In the name of everything sacred - are you fucking kidding me? Hows about we print a roster of kids who have been abused, maimed, and murdered at the hands of their parents? And by parents I mean anyone who is supposed to know better. Anyone who takes care of a kid.

And what about the rest of us? We must be RELENTLESS in our efforts to protect children. Wait, wait, how about this - we must be relentless in our effort to protect eachother. If someone is being hurt it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY as human beings to make the hurt stop. You know, if someone, say a mom (could be a dad, agreed), is being hurt at home, (read my entry on Friday, August 1, 2008) and in turn she can't/doesn't protect her child, then it becomes OUR JOB to step on in. Help her escape the abuse and protect the kid/s. There you go. Not hard. Figuring out how to broker a peace deal between Georgia and Russia - very hard. Calling 1-800-298-SAFE for info on domestic violence - fucking EASY. Calling child protective services 1,000 times if necessary? Easy. I know that the cops don't always come when you call 911. Call the mayors office. Call the school. Call everyone until the kid is safe.

You know what I've learned as a martial artist? No one ever died of embarrassment. Ask someone you're worried about, "do you feel safe going home? Can I help you make a safety plan?" And then make some calls. It's our responsibility.

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