Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Blog = Flog?

Assuming you know me, you call me Ellen or Elena or Jules. Or Melvis. If you don't, feel free to call me anything you like. I am a writer by day so of course I came home tonight to...write.

A few things that will become painfully obvious:
  • I love bullet points

  • I overuse elipses and colons (not my own, mind you, and not the currency of El Salvador. Just the gramatical kind)

  • Although I are a writer, grammer and I are not well acquainted. (And I hope there's spellcheck on this thing)

  • I will often write in baaaad Spanglish

Thanks to Heidi for suggesting that I blog. Here is her blog - it's funny and fabulous and gorgeous: I have known Heidi since day care - many, many moons ago. I have known her since that picture up there was taken.

First tidbit: I rescued a dog using cheese doodles on Sunday and today there was a "news" story about a woman who saw Jesus on the cross on a Cheeto. The audacity of hope? Nah, the audacity of artifical orange coloring.


heidi said...

What about EJ, Ellen Ellen Watermelon, or Velveeta breath?

laurie begin said...

how about govinda damn it